Bellavia: McMurray Victory Would Change How GOP Picks Candidates

"This is such an uphill battle for Nate McMurray"

Tom Puckett
February 24, 2020 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) We're two months away from the special election in NY27 between Chris Jacobs and Nate McMurray. The outcome provides different scenarios in what happens in November.

Once thought as a potential candidate who could have almost been assured the NY27 seat, Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia says how the special election unfolds will set the course for the primary and general elections.  Bellavia says it's an uphill climb for McMurray no matter what, however, "if Nate McMurray pulls this off, it will change the way Republicans select candidates." Bellavia says committees get upset at chairpeople when their candidate loses and they start from scratch. 

While Bellavia enjoys surmising all of the possibilities, he feels a McMurray win in the special election is only a "small possibility".

Bellavia notes regardless of the outcome, the selection process will be different come November's general election. "With a special election, you had eight chairmen in a smoky room making that decision. This is going to open up all the county committees, all the towns and the caucus will all have a say in who the candidate will be," says Bellavia.

Bellavia says come November, the GOP's future will be showcased, and one who expressed an interest in the special election is highlighted. "The future of the Republican party is the people like Beth Parlato, But she's special, she's tenacious and when she starts talking, a lot of people follow Beth Parlato," explains Bellavia. But he believes other candidates are interested, too. "Wherever Beth Parlato goes, Stefan Mychajliw will go and that opens up the floodgates. Then, you've got Rob Ortt. he's probably thinking he'll wait for redistricting because Rob Ortt has an incredible future. He's an outstanding human being, he's a great representative, and a lot more hats may go into the ring after redistricting."

Bellavia says if Jacobs does win, he holds his own destiny. "If he chooses to break away from everything he's talked about, I don't think Chris Jacobs is someone who won't be susceptible to a general election," says Bellavia. "If they redistrict and it becomes more blue, it's a tougher fight. If it's redistricted and it takes in more of Tom Reed's district, where it's more red, you may find a place for Parlato, Mychaliw or Ortt to jump in,"

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