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Bellavia Awarded Key to Batavia

"We don't do it for awards; we don't do it for keys to the city."

July 23, 2019 - 5:54 pm

BATAVIA (WBEN) - Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia has been circulating throughout the country in recent weeks, but on Tuesday afternoon, he stopped back homke for a special award.

Bellavia was awarded the Key to Batavia - an award he calls truly humbling.

"We serve regardless of who the President is, regardless of what party controlls Congress, and we put our politics aside as homage to the transcendent idea of what America is," said Bellavia during his speech. "If  truly care about our nation's future, if you truly love and honor those noble enough to fight on your behalf, teach your children the imperative of national service."

The service he was referring to can come in many forms, whether it be fighting for your country on the battlefield or donating time on the weekend to help those at the City Mission.

"I ask you to be a part of the greatest force of good that God has ever created," said Bellavia. "Join the United States military and use your gifts for our common defense. We don't do it for awards; we don't do it for keys to the city."

View photos of the ceremony below:

Listen to Bellavia's full speech from the ceremony below:

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