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12 Voice in 12 Hours addresses opioid epidemic

Tim Wenger
May 22, 2018 - 8:56 pm

In this divisive time in which we live, so often it’s the case that we address an issue with a debate.  An argument.  We look at an issue from ‘one side’ or ‘another’. And when we try to go deeper into understanding, what gets lost is….the issue.

12 Voices in 12 Hours and then the opioid discussion that will follow at City of Tonawana High School is not a debate.  It’s not an argument.  It’s a conversation during which we’ll hear from a wide array of informed guests on the critical issue of opioids and the threat they represent.

We don’t think there is any argument that opioids are an epidemic.  By the very definition of the word, “a widespread occurrence”, there is no doubt that opioid addiction has reached an epidemic level.  While there has been a noted decrease in the number of deaths related to opioid addiction, in 2017 Erie County saw 268 deaths associated with opioid abuse. 

So, if knowledge is power, today is your encyclopedia into the world of opioid abuse and addiction.  How did these victims fall into this deadly spiral?  How could their family and friends not identify the crisis and correct it?  Why do opioids impact one person one way and someone else another?  Is the opioid crisis negatively impacting the availability of opioid medications for patients who can greatly benefit from them?

These are just some of the questions we’ll answer throughout the day and we’ll get different answers from different experts.

There is so much we can all learn from this conversation. 12 Voices in 12 Hours is an effort to openly and calmly discuss an issue that is staring us down. 

Please listen with an open mind. 

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