Bandits' First Two Weeks Canceled

Bargaining deal not reached between NLL, players union

Tom Puckett
November 15, 2018 - 3:56 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) There will be no indoor lacrosse the first two weeks of December, as the National Lacrosse League and the players' union cannot reach a deal. The Bandits play in the NLL.

"We must create a partnership for growth with the players, but we believe we must grow together with a strategy that fits within a reasonable business model.    A guaranteed 400% increase in expenses without a corresponding guaranteed revenue increase is not something as stewards of the league we can responsibly agree to," says the NLL in a statement. "We have put a very good and fair offer on the table, which includes a 25% increase in salary and benefits for the players. It is a significant improvement from where the players were at the beginning of their last employment agreement and a testament to our ownership’s commitment to continue to invest heavily in our sport and grow the League."

The NLL says it proposed what it felt was a fair calculation of bonuses to be paid to the players, based on attendance growth plus a percentage increase each year to account for growth in all attendance related revenue streams. 

The league says it is "extremely disappointed that we have not reached a fair and equitable agreement for both the NLL and the players."

The NLL says the Professional Lacrosse Players Association has told players  not to attend training camps or submit to physicals, which the league says makes it impossible for teams to form rosters, prompting the cancellation of the first two weeks of the season. 

"The parties are talking, and while we don't recognize deadlines, we feel the willingness to come to resolution more urgent on both sides with the season less than a month away." says PLPA president Peter Schmitz statement to Lacrosse Sports Network. 


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