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May 23, 2018 - 7:36 am

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - 12 Voices in 12 Hours is a day-long broadcast focusing on the opioid epidemic with guests offering their informed and unique perspective on the crisis all day on WBEN. 

The conversation started with Dr Josh Lynch, an Emergency Room physician in Buffalo.  He said we are starting to see slow progress with a decline in the number of opioid deaths in Erie County.  "We've had big changes with how hospitals deal with overdoses and withdrawal cases.  "It's embarrassing how we used to approach this.  A few years ago, we would give patients a list of clinics and send them on their way".   Things are different now.  "We have a large clinic network that we partner with and the patient can't leave without an appointment" said Lynch.

Perspective: Why 12 Voices in 12 Hours Matters

University at Buffalo addiction expert Dr Richard Blondell talked about the properties of addiction. "We know that if someone under 17 gets one prescription for an ipioid, even a limited amount for 5 days, that person, after the age of 23, will have a 33% increased chance of developing an addiction.  You have to ask yourself if it's worth the risk said Blondell.

Buffalo has the nation's first Opioid Intervention Court, where charges are put on hold while addicts can work on sobriety and turn their lives around.  Judges Tom Amodeo and Craig Hannah are overseeing the court.  Hannah is not only the judge, he is also a recovering addict.  "We all make mistakes" said Hannah.  "If you want to be totally honest, our mistakes are what define us.  We learn from them and become better people". 

We realize twelve hours is a long time and you can hear the broadcast hour-by-hour below. 

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