Are You Ready For Lake Effect?

Area Road Crews Prepared

Dave Debo
December 05, 2017 - 6:39 am

(WBEN) Buffalo is ready to do some pre-salting on roadways this evening in advance of the snow, and this late in the season, being prepared for this week's first small burst of Lake Effect snow is fairly routine for most area highway crews.

"Oh yeah, we are ready," laughs Dan Amatura, the Lancaster Highway Superintendent. "All the routes are marked for the trucks. The wings are on the trucks, the salt barn is full. The guys are scheduled for the overtime and as soon as we ..see how the roads are we will be out there," Amatura says.

His experience is typical, with Erie County, Buffalo and the Thruway Authority all going out of their way in recent weeks to showcase their storm preparedness.

  • The New York State Thruway Authority will face this winter with some new technology- deploying temperature sensors on each plow, and in some cases even preparing to use large towable two lane plows that drag behind the more traditional equipment
  • Erie County has new plows in its fleet this year for a total of 50 and they have added in snow blowers to cut into banks too 
  • The City of Buffalo begins the snow season with approximately 9,000 tons of salt on hand, and  nearly 70 truck drivers on standby.

In the city of Buffalo the usual winter parking regulations that had been delayed a few weeks are in effect. No parking is allowed overnight on bus routes between 1:30 am and 7 am, and usual alternate side of the street parking each day is in effect. 

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