Costa Rica's agent Edgar Ugalde Alvarez, second left, and Nicaragua's agent Mr. Carlos Jose Arguello Gomez, third from right, listen to the reading of the verdict of the International Court of Justice, or World Court, in The Hague, Netherlands, Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, in two cases that will map out disputed maritime and land boundaries between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

UN court: Nicaragua must pay Costa Rica environmental costs

February 02, 2018 - 6:12 am

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The International Court of Justice has ordered Nicaragua to compensate Costa Rica for damage Nicaragua caused with unlawful construction work near the mouth of the San Juan River, in the court's first foray into assessing costs for environmental damage.

Friday's order by the United Nations' principle judicial organ follows a December 2015 ruling that Nicaragua violated Costa Rica's sovereignty by establishing a military camp and digging channels near the river, part of a long-running border dispute in the remote region on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

In total, Nicaragua was ordered to pay just over $378,890 for environmental damage and other costs incurred by Costa Rica.

Later Friday, the court is set to demarcate parts of the maritime and land borders between the two Central American neighbors.

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