Swiss gov't seeks to bar minors from using tanning salons

February 14, 2018 - 12:11 pm

GENEVA (AP) — Switzerland's government says minors should be prohibited from using tanning salons because of the long-term risk that radiation from ultraviolet beds could cause skin cancer.

The seven-member Federal Council took the position Wednesday as it opened a consultation about measures aimed to protect the population from exposure to dangerous rays and excessively loud noises.

Other proposals included limits on use of lasers in cosmetic treatments, and new rules about the use of electronic amplifiers during demonstrations, such as requiring protest organizers to provide ear protection if noises exceed an average of 93 decibels.

Limits were also proposed about use of lasers in public that could distract pilots or train conductors.

Operators for tanning salons would be required to inform adult users about the risks of eye or skin damage.

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