In this Thursday, May 24, 2018, photo, paramedics wear protective suits as a precautionary measure against the Nipah virus as they bury Valachekutti Mosa's body, died of the same virus, in Kozhikode, in the southern Indian state of Kerala. More than 10 people have died of Nipah since an outbreak began earlier this month in Kerala, health officials say. There is no vaccine for the virus, which can cause raging fevers, convulsions and vomiting, and kills up to 75 percent of people who come down with it. (AP Photo/K.Shijith)

Officials: Deadly Nipah virus has not spread in south India

May 25, 2018 - 4:20 am

NEW DELHI (AP) — Indian officials say an outbreak of a deadly virus has not spread but issued a series of warnings to people in stricken areas.

Press Trust of India news agency quoted an unidentified senior Health Ministry official saying a total of 12 people had died of Nipah virus since the outbreak began a few weeks ago in the southern state of Kerala.

Officials have issued a set of warnings to two parts of Kerala, including telling the public to avoid consuming partially eaten fruit from date palms and abandoned wells.

Officials suspect the outbreak began with fruit bats, which eat dates from palm trees and sometimes nest in wells.

Nipah, which can cause high fevers and convulsions, kills up to 75 percent of those infected.

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