Italy to approve funds for orphans of violence against women

November 23, 2019 - 9:08 am

ROME (AP) — Italy is poised to approve funding for children whose mothers were slain in violence targeting women.

Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri tweeted Saturday that “the money won’t restore the lost affection” of their mothers.

But he said 12 million euros ($13.5 million) in funding, to be approved on Monday by a government decree, will finance scholarships, medical expenses and training for these children.

After their mothers are slain by husbands, boyfriends or former partners, many children are effectively left orphaned since their fathers end up in prison for long terms, while other attackers kill themselves.

Italian women have been rebelling against Italian cultural attitudes that are lenient about violence targeting them. Only a generation ago, Italy’s penal code called for short prison sentences for men who killed women out of jealousy.

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