Capitol Watch

Money flows into parties as 2020 fights near

WBEN Newsroom
January 19, 2020 - 8:28 am

(WBEN/AP)  Health care interests are giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to political parties as New York's Legislature gears up for fights over how to contain soaring Medicaid costs, state records show. The contributions are among others disclosed by politicians and political committees this week to comply with a Jan. 15 deadline for reporting campaign finance activity since mid-July. Hospitals are among the institutions watching closely to see how Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature deal with a $6 billion deficit fueled by the rising cost of the Medicaid program, which helps pay for health care for the poor.


The previously confidential computer records of a deceased Republican strategist reveal he was concerned that Democrats were developing better data that could give them an advantage in the next round of redistricting. Republican consultant Thomas Hofeller died in 2018. His estranged daughter posted scores of his electronic records online this month. An Associated Press review of those records shows Hofeller in 2013 had proposed a $1.4 million annual budget to create a new Republican office focused on redistricting data. While his plan was not implemented, Republicans launched a separate effort in 2017 with a broader objective and larger budget.



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