Another step towards legalization of marijuana

Cuomo's panel brings discussion

Matt Moran
August 05, 2018 - 5:00 am

Governor Cuomo created a panel that will start coming up with legislation for the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Daniel Ryszka is a New York State Pharmacist and a certified provider of medicial marijuna. He sees the positives of legalizing it across the board but has his concerns. 

"If you have a medicial marijuana they will have a quality check to make sure its clean, with recreational I am not sure if that quality check will be there," Ryszka said.

Ryszka says how it is regulated will be key. Dosage is one subject that he believes needs to be enforced. 

"A lot of the effects can occur hours after consumed and a lot of patients who don't feel the effects could up the dosage leading to unwanted effects," Ryszka said.

Anne Rammacher currently is prescibed to medical marijuana. She is an advocate for the legalization and the decriminalization of the drug. Rammacher has seen the progress of acceptance through the legalization of medicinal and wants to see the same with recreational. She say Governor Cuomo's panel is a step towards that.

"It gives us a portal to allow the acceptance of cannabis and the use of cannabis," Rammacher said.

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