Animal Rescue Leader Likes Bill to Ban Pet Stores from Buying from Puppy Mills

Says treatment of animals at puppy mills worse than livestock

Tom Puckett
February 19, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As a Queens lawmaker looks to block pet stores from buying from puppy mills, the leader of one animal rescue group says she likes the idea.

"Our companion animals are being treated worse than livestock in those puppy mills," says Joye Turock of Joyful Rescues. She's brought in animals from mills once they no longer produce effectively. "Their teeth and their fur and the urine burns and the eye injuries, it's just horrendous how they are livnig."

Joye Turock, Joyful Rescues, on bill to ban NY pet stores from buying from puppy mills

Turock calls the bill important because of the conditions the dogs are in when they come to her rescue shelter. "What they're doing in these breeding facilities is cruelty, but it's legal, and it's horrendous we allow this in the United States."

Turock says if she were treating the dogs they way they were in puppy mills, it would be illegal. 

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