Analysts Not Surprise USA/N. Korea Summit Called Off

They believe there's still a possibility of a summit

Tom Puckett
May 25, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo,  NY (WBEN) A pair of local political analysts say they're not surprised with the cancellation of the summit between North Korea and the US so close to the June 12th date. They also think the door might still be open for that summit to happen.

Republican strategist Carl Calabrese says he's not surprised. "It seems like Kim is almost begging Trump to call this off because you may recall Trump saying if it happens, it happens, and if not, he'll move on. But I don't think we've seen the final act yet," says Calabrese. "Kim Jong Un and President Trump will both be recalculating and possibly Trump will turn up more sanctions against the North Korean regime. They need it more than we do." Calabrese says Kim is not irrational, saying he wouldn't hang on to power if he weren't. 

Calabrese says the world is seeing a different White House. "President Obama was famous for drawing lines in the sand and ignoring them, a terrible message to the world. Trump is furious and it's going to take time for Kim to understand that Trump is different," explains Calabrese. He says Trump is sending a message the US will not be played with.

Kyeonghi Baek of SUNY Buffalo State is also not surprised. "It's disappointing for everyone who had been waiting for this summit to open up a new dialogue," says Baek. However, a last second demand from Kim has happened before. "Where there is movement forward, he will make impossible demands, and make it tough to move forward with new talks or treaties."

Baek says there is still a possibility of a summit down the road. "While President Trump said now is not the right time, he's left some doors open for conversation," notes Baek. "Now that the US has pulled off, now is a great time to think about the next step. What is the next step for this peace deal to happen."

Baek says she has family in South Korea, and it's a pressing issue. "North Koreans are getting closer to having nuclear capability, and it's been threatening South Korea, Japan, and neighboring countries," says Baek. She says North Korea is willing to take a risk and put neighbors on edge. 

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