Analysis: Local Elections Bring Big Impact, Small Turnout

Calabrese: 2017 is "The most local of election cycles."

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Amherst, NY (WBEN) - For those heavily involved in politics, the so-called 'off year' November elections are some of the most exciting.

"If you think about it, from the time you get up in the morning and you use your bathroom, look outside at the streetlights, look at whether or not the snow has been removed and put your garbage out, those services are provided by local government," said Republican political strategist Carl Calabrese. "People some times lose sight of how important local government is."

Still, the turnout in Erie County today is expected to be at about 30%, and that's not surprising.

"This is the most local of local election cycles," Calabrese said. "There are really no premier races in terms of President, Governor, or even County Executive. I certainly don't mean to disparage the importance of the county-wide races... but they just don't rise to that level of policy making that gets a lot of people involved and emotional."

Even though they don't grab as many headlines, the races for Erie County Clerk, Sheriff, and Comptroller will set a tone for the county moving forward, and many localities have Town Supervisor on the Ballot. You can hear more analysis with Calabrese below:


Turnout Is Key For Local Elections - Carl Calabrese

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