Analysis: Cambria Talks LeSean McCoy Allegations

"Some kernels of truth will come out one way or the other."

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(WBEN) - An Instagram post accusing LeSean McCoy of physically abusing his former girlfriend, his son and his dog have put a negative spotlight on the Bills star, but how will fans, and more importantly investigators, find out what's an allegation and what's fact?

Defense Attorney Paul Cambria, who has handled many similar cases involving high profile clients in the past, said while the case is being played out in the public we really don't know much in way of what has actually happened this week or further in the past.

"I start with the fact that it's social media where these accusations are coming in," Cambria said. "I put no stock in that at all."

Cambria represented hockey star Patrick Kane when he was faced with abuse allegations in 2015. Then Erie County District Attorney found no reason to bring charges against Kane after an investigation that included an attempt at evidence tampering by the alleged victim's family, but the investigation lasted long enough to be an issue through the summer and in to the beginning of the NHL season.

Acting as Kane's attorney, Cambria advised him to continue to practice with the Chicago Blackhawks as he maintained he did nothing wrong. 

He said he would give McCoy the same advice.

"That's really the only way you can do it," Cambria said. "It's difficult for the person who's the target of all of this, but that is the right advice."

That doesn't mean he's assuming McCoy's innocence.

"My guess is in a few days some kernels of truth will come out one way or the other." 

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