Amazon Prime: Tempting to Shop at Work?

Some WNYers admit to shopping on the clock

Mike Baggerman
July 17, 2018 - 3:00 am

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - With around 100 million people subscribed to Amazon Prime, it wasn't tough to find Western New Yorkers who utilize the popular shopping option.

"(I need) the Alexa Show, two of those," one woman told WBEN. "I need shoes. They have the Amazon wardrobe, which is a part of my prime. So I can order clothes, try them on at home for seven days, and then whatever I don't want, I can send them back and my credit card is not charged."

Amazon Prime Day 2018 began on Monday at 3 p.m., drawing millions of users to the web server and causing it to crash. A percentage of those participating in Prime Day are likely on the job while ordering. However, the woman we spoke with, who's the boss of others, said she does not shop while at work. Instead, she just shops on her lunch break.

Most of the users we spoke with said they don't shop while on the job and that they're patient enough to wait until they're at home or on a break of their own to do shopping. But two people did admit to shopping while on the job. 

"It's so convenient," one gentleman told WBEN. "I'm just on my phone and I can order it right there. With the instant shopping nutton, you don't even have to add to the cart anymore. You just hit 'buy now' and you purchase it. It's just a quick, little thing and it doesn't bother your day."

Another woman told us that she doesn't shop "often" while at work but is tempted by Amazon Prime's deals. 

"You log into and find your deal," she said. "Your card and address are already in there and you just hit it."

Amazon Prime continues through Tuesday. See all the Amazon Prime deals HERE

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