Allen Needs to Earn Trust After Offensive Tweets

Bills GM, Coach say QB will move forward

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April 27, 2018 - 11:08 am

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By: Sal Cappaccio (@SalSports)

ORCHARD PARK, NY (WGR/WBEN) - Less than 24 hours before the Bills made Wyoming’s Josh Allen their highest-drafted quarterback in team history, several offensive tweets he sent while still in high school were discovered and brought to light.  

According to Yahoo! Sports, those tweets, which have since been deleted, contained “offensive” and “racist” language.  They were tweeted while Allen was between the ages of 15 and 17.  Late Wednesday night, Allen told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that he was “young and dumb” and apologized for the tweets, while also saying some of the language and phrases came from either rap lyrics or a TV show.

Less than two hours after Allen officially became a Buffalo Bills’ QB, general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott met the media and were immediately asked about the tweets and the vetting process that went into Allen.

Beane said he was unaware of the tweets until they surfaced late Wednesday night, but circled back on their research on Allen and are comfortable with the player being a part of their team and locker room.  But he also acknowledged the seriousness of the matter, saying the organization doesn’t condone what he wrote.  “Listen, we don't condone anything,” Beane told reporters here at One Bills Drive.  “We did our due diligence on him.  We talked to him today.  We spoke to him, we spoke to his coach again.  We spoke to at least one of his teammates.  We spoke to a lot of other people again to make sure everything we had done, through our whole process through the fall. 

“This was a 14, 15 year old, I’m not making an excuse, but I know there are probably things I would be disappointed myself that I did at 14 or 15.  And he’s going to come in here and own it.  That’s all he can do.  He’s owned it.  And he’ll have to earn the trust of his teammates, the fanbase our organization.  He’s done all he can do.  He’ll have to do more when he gets here.”

Head coach Sean McDermott echoed Beane’s sentiments saying “it was very serious when we got word of it last night, this morning.  It’s something that we went back and drilled down further on, again, in terms of digging back into some of the same conversations we had as we went through the process up 'til today.

“It’s not something we tolerate around here whatsoever.  Our hope is that he will learn from this and will move froward from here.”

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