Is All Politics All the Time Hurting America?

Congressman Reed says too much politics is hurting real people

Tom Puckett
April 19, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A local congressman says it's time to get back to work after the Mueller report was released, saying the overpoliticization is hurting ral people.

Congressman Tom Reed said in a statement Thursday, "Now it is time for our country to heal because all politics all the time is tearing our country apart and hurting real people. We must end this culture of division and work together on policies to help people.”

Reed's colleague Chris Collins agrees. "I think America is ready to let go," says Collins. "The public is ready for immigration reform, pass a budget, and deal with a lot of real issues, and if the Democrats try to overreach and keep the witch hunt going, there will be a price to pay in 2020."

Republican strategist Carl Calabrese agrees with Collins on who's ready to let go, and who isn't. "We're in that time in our history where everything is politically supercharged, and everything hyper politics. The line's been drawn between the two sides and I don't see it changing," says Calabrese. "I think the majorit of the country is ready, but the progressive left is committed to removing Trump from office."

UB's Jacob Neiheisel says all politics all the time may tear the nation, but it depends on each person individually. "Some people really like to seek out controversy and the excitement with arguing with everybody. For them it's their bread and butter, and it doesn't affect them. For those who are adverse to controversy or conflict, a steady diet of political news can put them in a position where they won't like to talk to others," says Neiheisel.

Neiheisel says based on the reporting of the Mueller report, some are not ready to let that go. "If you don't like President Trump, there's enough to continue that strain of thought," explains Neiheisel.

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