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An All-Encompassing Buffalo Waterfront Website to Launch on Wednesday

"We're going to have a one-stop shop for all things Buffalo Waterfront."

April 29, 2019 - 3:01 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - Searching for things to do and see at Buffalo's Waterfront may become a whole lot easier.

A new website,, will be launched later this week with the goal of becoming THE place to go and find information about everything that's happening on the waterfront.

"We're going to have a one-stop shop for all things Buffalo Waterfront," said Steve Ranalli, who serves as the president of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation. "So, if you are interested in coming down to Canalside, the Outer Harbor, LaSalle Park or Buffalo Harbor State Park, you can come to the website."

The official reveal will take place Wednesday afternoon, and Ranalli discussed why this kind of website is necessary for the growing waterfront.

"When people come to the city, and they want to spend a day on the waterfront, they may not know about a certain place, but they do know to search 'Buffalo Waterfront,'" he said. "This way they can get there easily, and then from there, find out about all of the things to do."

And while he didn't want to give away too much information prior to Wednesday's reveal, he discussed from of the features that the website will have.

"Everything from a map so that you can find an actual location and get directions to it, to events that are going on at these certain places, whether it's food or hotels in the area...all of those things will be listed on there," said Ranalli.

Ranalli added that the website will provide a list of events and direct consumers to buy tickets for individual events such as concerts and other things.

He did want to clarify that the names of the different areas will remain, as there was some confusion on that matter, especially after spending so much money on branding.

"We have worked extremely hard on the Canalside brand for years, and Canalside stays; we're not losing that as a place," he said. "The Outer Harbor, that name stays, Wilkinson Point...all of these places will still exist, they'll just be much easier to find on the website."

Listen to the full conversation with Ranalli below:

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