Albright-Knox Expansion Project Forces Extended Closing

Director Janne Siren Joins WBEN Live Monday Morning


BUFFALO (WBEN) - Last week, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery unveiled designs for its AK360 Expansion Project, and announced that the facility will have to shut down for two years during construction.

"Trying to operate here during construction would not be very welcoming to our visitors," said Janne Siren, Albright Knox Director. "We did some studies about it, and it would significantly extend the construction period and would probably drive up costs by 20- to 30-percent."

The Elmwood campus will close down when construction begins later this year, and the construction period is expected to last 22 to 25 months.

Siren joined WBEN Monday morning to talk about the project, and decision to shut down its main campus for two years:

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