Adam's Mark Has New Owner

Looks at big facelift

Tom Puckett
July 17, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Last week, Canadian developer Harry Stinson became the new owner of the Adam's Mark Hotel. He says expect a lot of changes.

What piqued Stinson's interest? "It is the largest of any hotel in Buffalo. It's the only real full scale, full service event hotel," he explains. "It's so far beyond any other hotel in the region. I specialize in certain types of hotels, and they're very large event oriented hotels." Stinson says there's more potential than what's been achieved.

He says there will be a huge facelift. "Exterior presentation, interior decor, and standards of service. The level of food service, in the sense that previous owners' expertise was in smaller service hotels," says Stinson.

When it was built as the Buffalo Hilton in the late 1970s, state and city leaders were encouraging urban renewal, and the original owners chose the site right off the 190 exit at Church Street. "In hindsight, it's a better location now compared to then because of the renaissance of downtown with Canalside. It is perfectly situated for a destination event hotel," says Stinson.

Stinson says the site allows convenience of access to attractions tours and event organizers want. 

The hotel will have a new name, Buffalo Grand Hotel. 


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