Accused Zoe Shooter Withdraws Guilty Plea

Christopher Boyd was scheduled to be sentenced for shooting/robbery of restaurant owner

Tom Puckett
October 12, 2017 - 4:25 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) He was scheduled to be sentenced Thursday for the attempted murder and robbery of the owner of Zoe Restaurant a year ago. Christopher Boyd not only withdrew his plea, he fired his lawyer.

Boyd faced 25 years to life for the shooting of Alex Pozantidis, who was carrying the day's receipts Labor Day weekend 2016 at the time of the attack. Last month, Boyd pleaded guilty to the charges, as well as charges related to a burglary.

Boyd fired Nicholas Hicks as his attorney Thursday. "My client, after several discussions with me, made a decision he wanted to make an application to withdraw his guilty pleas," says Hicks who says that is Boyd's right. "It's a big sentence and it's traumatic, even for someone who's found guilty or takes responsibility. People deal with trauma in different ways."

Hicks says part of the challenge is whether Boyd is a persistent violent offender, which Boyd harshly disagrees with. 

Boyd has been assigned a new attorney, and will return to court October 31st. 

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