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1Thing E-cycling Event: Where did all the stuff come from?

Safe disposal of electronics draws hundreds, fills multiple trucks

December 15, 2018 - 11:47 am

Williamsville, N.Y. (WBEN) - If you want to feel old, hang around an electronics recycling event and watch the stuff that comes pouring in to be safely disposed of.  That Atari game console that was all the rage in the 80's, for example, was being safely disposed of at the 1Thing recycling event at Eastern Hills Mall Saturday.  And remember when those first flat panel tv's were coming out?  They were all the rage.  Now those flat panels are turning up by the pallet-full at events like these.

One by one vehicles pulled through the 1Thing event with their tailgates and trunk lids popped-up and electronics of all sorts sticking out and ready to be plucked away to be recycled.  Flat panels tv's.  Microwaves.  Laptops of all sizes.  Computer monitors.  VCR's and stero equipment.   As I walked down the maze of giant cartons to receive the items, it was like a museum of electronic technology from present day and dating back to the 70's. 

Cindy Jessop is no stranger to these events as the Director of Community Outreach and Programs with Sunnking, an electronics recycling company.  "Anything with a cord and a circuit board is fair game", said Jessop as we wandered through the hustle and bustle of workers quickly scooping up the electronics and getting it to the appropriate bin or truck.

"Efficiency and packaging is what we're striving for", said Jessop as workers methodically piled the stuff up and wrapped it with clear wrap before being loaded to trucks with a waiting fork lift. 

The tons of recycled gear will be trucked to the Sunnking facility in Brockport where it will be sorted and dismantled in many cases.   Some of the parts will be recycled and some will be sold.  And in some cases the equipment, like tv's, can be rebuilt for reuse.  "We have a full-time tv repair guy that will rebuild those", says Jessop. 

When it comes to dropping off computer equipment with hard drives, Jessop says precautions are teken.  "We shred the hard drives for safety purposes", she says. 

So the nexrt time you look at that old 'boat anchor' of a computer in your house you've been meaning to discard of somehow, do it the right way and drop it off at an upcoming e-cycling event.  It's a safe and easy and 'green' way to dispose of electronics in a secure way.



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