15 Buffalo Firefighters Injured Over the Past 48 Hours

Most have been treated and released

Tom Puckett
July 11, 2019 - 4:58 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) There have been three multiple alarm fires in Buffalo over the last 48 hours. Fire officials say 15 Buffalo firefighters have been injured, including one on Thursday.

Buffalo Fire Commissioner Bill Renaldo says the two alarm fires were on Frankfort, Johnson, and Beard Avenue. "We had 15 firefighters injured. Mostly they were heat exhaustion, strains, sprains, some minor burns and one eye injury as well," says Renaldo. "Most have been treated and released. Three or four are still under observation."

Renaldo says summer heat has its challenges. "The last few days have been very hot and humid. They carry 75 pounds of gear, so with the heat it takes a toll. Two of them were attic fires, and that's a hotter fire," says Renaldo.

Renaldo says there are safety procedures in place, and they do a close analysis of every fire to make sure they do things right.

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