Apply for a WBEN Newsroom Internship

If you're looking for real, hands-on day-to-day newsroom and outside reporting experience during your internship, there is no place better than the WBEN Radio Newsroom.

About half of our current newsroom staff started their careers as WBEN interns, and the same can said of dozens and dozens of other media professionals across Western New York and nationwide.

Students who pass through WBEN's Internship programs have gone on to careers in radio, television, print, marketing and public relations. Former WBEN interns have taken what they've learned in our newsroom's hands-on program to every other major radio, television, and print newsroom in Buffalo, as well as Top 10 markets around the country.

 Meet Some Former WBEN Interns:

Duties will change from day to day, just as they do in the news room. As you grow, you will be assigned more tasks and responsibility. Writing stories for writing scripts, editing sound, conducting phone interviews, interviews in the field, rolling out on breaking news. All of those are possible with hard work and a willingness to learn and take direction.

We accept a limited number of interns each semester. Once you are accepted, we can work out a schedule that works for you and the station, but also a schedule you must be able to keep. Our special projects internships are less time specific than the others.

 Newsroom Interns:

AM Interns
You will assist the newsroom as needed in editing live line interviews, writing scripts and web articles from content aired on Buffalo's Early News

PM Interns
1p - 6p
You will assist the newsroom as needed in following up on news events, gather and edit sound for newscasts, write web articles and on-air scripts

 Newroom Special Projects Interns:

WBEN Audio Archive: Work on digitizing and cataloging WBEN's vast audio collection which dates back into the 1990s, making it more useful and accessible for current newsroom use

WBEN Photo Archive: Cataloging and categorizing the thousands of news images which have appeared at

WBEN Rolodex Update: Combining the several sources of telephone numbers and email addresses that currently make up the WBEN rolodex.


Things to keep in mind as you apply: We are looking for people who can not only be a part of our team for a semester, but the next generation of WBEN employees. Not all of our interns become employees, but a good number of our employees were once interns. Your skills and abilities will be tested by the rigors of being a part of a newsroom that works across many platforms simultaneously. We're looking for efficient self-starters who can follow direction and meet deadlines. Let us know how you fit in to this equation.


You must be a college student taking an internship for credit. A familiarity with WBEN, the Buffalo area and the news issues and current events of Western New York is a plus.

WBEN internships are not paid a salary, but when an intern takes full advantage of the time spent at WBEN, that person has many of the skills, experience and contacts needed to start a career in journalism.

All potential interns must fill out an Internship Application and Internship & Indemnification Agreement available at the link below or on any of our station websites, as well as provide a letter of interest with resume, letter from your advisor or professor, and photocopy of valid photo identification.
Completed applications should be returned to:
ATTN: Human Resources – Internship Program
Entercom Buffalo LLC
500 Corporate Parkway, Suite 200
Buffalo, NY 14226
Be sure to apply at least 2 months in advance of the  time you hope to begin your internship. Finalists will be contacted for a personal interview. Out-of-state finalists may be interviewed by phone.
Please feel free to email WBEN Program Director Tim Wenger with any questions at

Click here for an internship overview and application.